API Reference and Developer Documentation

Programaticallly Querying Your Account Status


Kraken.io allows you to programatically query your account status, enabling you to retrieve details such as the name of the plan you have subscribed to, your total quota, used quota, remaining quota, and the "active" status of your account.

This can be useful for instances where the user needs to be alerted when the quota is about to be reached, enabling him or her to take action, such as upgrading to a larger plan.

To query your account status, simply POST an encoded JSON parameter string to https://api.kraken.io/user_status with the following structure:

    "auth": {
        "api_key": "your_api_key",
        "api_secret": "your_api_secret"

Example cURL request:

curl https://api.kraken.io/user_status \
--form data='{"auth": {"api_key": "your_api_key", "api_secret": "your_api_secret"}}'

Sample response from the server. Please note that all of the quota related information is returned in bytes:

    "success": true,
    "active": true,
    "plan_name": "Enterprise",
    "quota_total": 64424509440,
    "quota_used": 313271610,
    "quota_remaining": 64111237830