About Kraken.io


Kraken.io is an image optimization and compression SaaS platform with additional manipulation capabilities such as image resizing. Our goal is to automatically shrink the byte size of images as much as possible, while keeping the visual information intact, and of consistently high quality to the extent that results never need to be manually checked for fidelity.

Kraken.io support the JPEG, PNG, GIF, Animated GIF and SVG formats.


The majority of today's static web traffic is made up of images. While many tools exist for preparing images for the web, such as Photoshop's Save For Web tool and a plethora of other existing resizing and compression tools and techniques, most tools have major shortcomings - such as being restricted to just one format - either JPEG, PNG or GIF.

Many tools exist which help to mitigate this problem, but they tend to be overly simplistic and will force an image down to a quality level such as a quality setting of 70 for JPEG images, without taking into consideration that the optimizability of an image is heavily content dependant.. Even after processing images through such tools, we might find that there are still significant byte savings to be made on most images, without perceptually impacting their visual detail.

At the same time, quality needs to be considered; having an automated image optimization pipeline is useless, or at best extremely cumbersome, if the result of optimizations must manually be checked for fidelity. If we can’t place 100% trust in an automated image optimization scheme, we cannot trust it at all and we are back to square one.

That's where Kraken.io fits in to the equation.

Save Money And Make Customers Happier

Kraken.io's optimization algorithms excel at determining the optimal balance of image quality and file size, often greatly reducing image size while retaining sufficient quality for the vast majority of use cases. We actually go out of our way to ensure that there is no visual difference between the source and processed images.

This means, for the publisher, more efficient use of storage and network bandwidth, and for the end user faster loading pages and apps, and a generally better user experience.

One Powerful Tool

Kraken.io was built with the purpose of being a single, easy-to-use tool to take away the pain of inconsistent and downright unsatisfactory results which plague existing tools, and that is exactly what it is - A single tool to optimize all the images we can throw at it and with amazing results. Just run your images through Kraken.io and forget about them - the job is done. You'll save time and money, and you'll make your customers happier. Kraken.io - One image optimization platform to rule them all.